don’t forget to pick up YOUR copie(s) of ARTPOP this Christmas! phsyical or digital! it will make a great stocking stuffer until the police arrive and you



I’ve decided to open a RedBubble store because I want to explore my graphic design abilities while providing something that people actually want. The store is going to be a project that I’ll continually update (possibly once a week?) with new t-shirt and hoodie designs, or new iPhone cases. It will hopefully run on suggestions and input from you guys as to what you want. If I can sell enough of what’s up there just now, I’ll do a giveaway to say thanks.

So, here’s what’s currently availabe:

Team Free Will iPhone Cases | Supernatural Apparel

If there’s something you’d like to request, just send me an ask! If it’s not too much trouble, please reblog this, to help me spread the word. Also, if you buy anything, take a photo of yourself with it and tag it as #deadwinchester, as I’d love to see :).

do you ever read someone else’s text post and think ‘what was the point in typing that’

i wanted to sleep early tonight but it’s 1am and i watched the marry the night video so now i feel empowered